Thursday, February 5, 2009

So what's new in our shop?

It has been a busy week for us, a great busy week! We posted an add on craftcult and I think it resulted in a bit of traffic to our website. Yay! Also, Marie took all new pictures of our product items (quite a task because we have so many products now in our shop!), and we added a lot of new products. So, it has been keeping us very busy. Those of you who visit our shop and give us nice comments, thanks a lot!
We added "Vintage Numbers", "Little Mushrooms" and "Earth" magnets and push pins.

If you look in our shop, you will see that we have already a set of owls (called "Hoot"), but this new set, "Owls", is a little different because the background is white. The sock monkeys and skulls and crossbones were some other original MM ones that we just recently added. The products with original MM artwork are probably the most fun. It's great to see that people enjoy them.

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