Friday, February 27, 2009


We now sell glass marble embellishments! Perfect for decorating a scrapbook, frame or a handmade card! Simply put some glue (preferrably an industrial strength glue) on the back of these little marbles and start decorating! A set of 9 glass marble embellishments costs $4.25! They look like the other glass marbles we sell MINUS the magnets and/or push pins! We have only posted a couple of sets thus far but if you would like a different kind of paper design... simply send us a convo!

Delicious cupcakes

I am really getting hungry. How about some cupcakes? These is another set that we have been working on, aren't they delicious looking?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby shower

We are currently working on some VERY sweet magnets! How can they not be sweet... when the focus is BABY? We do not have any original MM artwork focusing on these wonderful little creatures... not yet! These magnets will be great as baby shower favors! They will also be great as a gift for a friend who is expecting or simply as a little gift for yourself! We are working on them right now so keep your eyes open for something new in our shop!

P.S. We will have sets with a boy theme, girl theme and a 'neutral' theme!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bible verses

More original Mostly Magnets marble magnets and pushpins! These magnets or pushpins from our Bible verses series are inspiring, encouraging, full of love and hope. We hope you enjoy these!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Some good info

Here is a little piece of information about the magnets we use (in case you did not know): We use rare earth magnets (also called Neodymium magnets) which are very strong! The pull force of a small magnet is 2.4 lbs. This may or may not mean much to you. Let me put it this way: the magnet will hold up 8 sheets of letter-size paper on a magnetic surface. The pull force of a big magnet is 5.2 lbs. This magnet will hold up 18 sheets of letter-size paper (we did a test). These magnets hold things in place VERY well!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Our little 'Hoot glass marble magnets' have been featured in another treasury! If you like owls (or simply pretty things) go check this out! The collection is super cute!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Another blog feature

Thanks Ashley from Particularly Pretty for featuring our "Recycle" push pins on February 3. If you have a minute, go check out her blog. She features a lot of really pretty online finds, and she has her own etsy shop!

So what's new in our shop?

It has been a busy week for us, a great busy week! We posted an add on craftcult and I think it resulted in a bit of traffic to our website. Yay! Also, Marie took all new pictures of our product items (quite a task because we have so many products now in our shop!), and we added a lot of new products. So, it has been keeping us very busy. Those of you who visit our shop and give us nice comments, thanks a lot!
We added "Vintage Numbers", "Little Mushrooms" and "Earth" magnets and push pins.

If you look in our shop, you will see that we have already a set of owls (called "Hoot"), but this new set, "Owls", is a little different because the background is white. The sock monkeys and skulls and crossbones were some other original MM ones that we just recently added. The products with original MM artwork are probably the most fun. It's great to see that people enjoy them.