Thursday, May 8, 2008

Personalized notecards

We are personalizing some notecards now. Each set comes with 4 folded cards and bright white envelopes. So far, we have just a few up on etsy, but I am sure there will be more soon. Here are some samples (the sports one says Mrs. Sizemore; she is a gym teacher that will be receiving a set of cards at the end of the school year). Just wanted to clarify... most people would probably give a set of notecards like this to a little boy. :) Then we made another one with an eagle on it for someone working for a school that has an eagle as a mascot. Makes for pretty nice gifts.


Dulce said...

I love your cards, and your blog is great. I enjoyed reading, and I love your Etsy shop. Keep up the goos work, and I wish you many sales. Dulce

Malin said...

Thanks dulce for your encouraging words. It means a lot to hear from people out there who like our shop and our items. Thanks!!!